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ewruriren shippers pls get the fuck away from me

srsly this one user tho. i still love them as a person but like. they used to have a completely different blog, right, then they became an anime blog after snk. they now deny everything that they used to be, like even went as far as changed their name when half their followers knows them by their real name since 3 years ago (they don’t publish any ask where people call them by that name tho). idk it. its shady.

i dont want ewruri fans following me pls leave lmao ur presence makes me uncomfortable

Anonymous asked: u probably get this a lot but why do you hate eruri?

lotsa reasons i guess

  • i don’t feel the chemistry (if it even exists) between those two. they’re strictly a brotp for me
  • bcs of the whole “levi trusts erwin the most” thing. no he doesn’t. he trusts his squad the same way. trust =/= romantic feelings and romanticizing a plainly platonic sort of affection is just. eh.
  • bcs eren gets dehumanized to make way for er uri all the time lmao, sometimes even literally stepped on, shitted on, laughed at. that’s gross.
  • same goes for nanaba who’s a fully developed character but is reduced to nothing but the “””“love child”” ‘”’
  • it reminds me of stockholm syndrome and that’s gross
  • erwin literally beats the fuck out of levi in acnwr for no goddamn reason and if that’s not abuse idk what is (not that acnwr is canon, cause it’s not and never will be, erwin is way too ooc in it, but er uri fans keep insisting that it is and consider that beat up scene ~romantic~ or ~hot~ or whatnot; well then please just accept that it is in fact abuse and that your ship is problematic just as every other ship is)
  • u don’t want to kill a person because u want to fuck them lmao
  • a common trope (or at least to me) is manipulative!erwin and that’s literally emotional abuse right there
  • why do i even need complicated reasons i just think it’s gross that’s all lmao
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i knew that disgustingly mistranslated quote would be the “inspiration” for 1000000 ewruri edits sighs

Anonymous asked: apparently acwnr is getting animated, pls join me in vomitting all over the place


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trigger warning: er uri

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when u meet an snk fan and their fav character is levi 

[searches for eruren but eruriren shows up instead]