when u meet an snk fan and their fav character is levi 

[searches for eruren but eruriren shows up instead]


Anonymous asked: <rant> Heya. Does it piss you off too when people use the fact that Eren killed those guys when he was 9 to show how ~rageful and ~hateful and ~messed up he is. I mean, he rescued this nine-year-old girl from men who killed her family right in front of her and planned to sell her into sexual slavery. But nooooo, let's just completely ignore the most important point of the scene, amirite. </rant>

lmao those people. they only see the fact that he killed people but completely ignore /why/ he did it, like he did it for a good reason but he killed people so naaaahhhh let’s label him as one dimensional and stupid and angry all the fucking time bcs ~heichou~ amirite

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i just saw untagged nsfw eru jean and i almost threw up yesterday’s lunch

Anonymous asked: okay okay let's do this. top five things/posts you want to see in the eru ren tag RIGHT NOW. If you could just snap your fingers and they'd appear. (totally not because i'm lacking inspiration whhhaat)
  • A MULTICHAPTERED FICS with a lot of angst like maybe an one sided thing or a reincarnation au with a twist (they’re reborn as half brothers, etc.) (we already have my beloved cass’ reincarnation fic WHICH I LOVE WITH ALL MY HEART but I NEED MORE. MORE ANGST.
  • just a lot of smut let my otp fuck
  • (hey that one rhymed)
  • some game of thrones esque canonverse au where erwin has the mind of petyr baelish and eren as sansa basically. dark, sensual, fucked up stuff
  • and something really fluffy set in canon verse. i love canon verse fics. their dynamics need to be explored more. maybe something cute about erwin silently protecting eren and eren silently looking up to erwin and trying to do his best as a soldier, like idk “he risks his reputation, the entire corps just to save my life. i have to do my best so that i won’t disappoint him” etc.
  • idk like actual eru ren stuff 
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i am also guilty of copying a whole fic into msword then replacing one person’s name to turn it into my otp

Anonymous asked: hey you know what grinds my gears, when people who have stated that they really really hate a ship and anything to do with it in the past start "liking it" and reblogging it because their new "popular friends" are into it. as if they're trying to like, impress them or some shit. lol lol LOL. i know someone in the fandom who does this shit and it's so fucking annoying, i can see through their fakeness, holy shit

??? people do this?? its like they befriend that popular someone just for their attention. like it’s not genuine. honestly if they do actually start liking it it’s fine, but when it’s that obviously fake it’s just. lmao. care to tell me who that is? if you feel comfortable, of course.

u know what really grinds my gear?? when people say they ship a thing, claiming it to be their “otp” or “ot3” just because it’s hot. and honestly i prefer eru ren to be the small ship that it once was, i just. i feel like some people just start “shipping” it for fun and don’t pay any attention to the dynamics or chemistry at all like. when u ask them why do they ship it they’d be like “because its hot lol” and it just. it baffles me. i probably am just annoying but it really, really bothers me.

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Anonymous asked: Do you think ereri shippers are violent? Haters say that a lot and frankly the most sweetest people come out that fandom lol

ereri shippers are anything but violent lmao all the shippers ive met are the sweetest fucking people in the world. and tbh we’re too busy protecting each other bcs other shippers and haters keep hurling insults and death threats at us we barely have time to be mean lmao

also the so-considered-as-mature shippers (coughsewruricoughs) are the ones who bully us the most i s2g they’ve begun using the term “ereri shipper” as an insult to anyone who dares speak up against them and it’s both quite sad and hilarious tbh


  1. it was a personal opinion
  2. it was not tagged
  3. it was an ask
  4. did ur caretaker not teach u not to reblog someones opinion
  5. well i guess u were raised in the jungle
  6. then u came here to bug me a person with anger management issues and poking fun at it on anon
  7. u are so edgy man
  8. i do not give a fuck
  9. why do u people uselessly start arguments for nothin
  10. why do u care just ask urself who the f u c k cares
  11. just move on with ur sad little life and leave me with my own sad and pathetic one
  12. frankly, my dear, i just do not give a damn